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Saburtalo Palace


Saburtalo Palace

"Lit Geo Invest" LLC is a Georgian-Lithuanian company that has been on the Georgian market since 2012. The company "Lit Geo Invest" provides the population of Georgia with modern and comfortable residential complexes, office spaces, hotels, etc. It carries out a wide range of construction activities on the territory of Georgia, including both residential apartments and "A" class office spaces.

The goal of the company "Lit Geo Invest" is for the population to live in a comfortable environment. With our activities, we contribute to the development of the local environment as well as the city and the country. The activity of "Lit Geo Invest" is based on the interest and trust of each customer. The main value of our activity is the quality of construction, which ensures a stable and safe environment.

Currently, the company's ongoing project "Saburtalo Palace" has been completed.
in #5 Sandro Euli str. The complex includes residential apartments and parking lots. The project includes a square and a sports field.