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Currency: GEL


Domus Chavchavadze

Price range $3000 - $3800

The main inspiration for the architectural concept was the landscape of the public square and the composition, plasticity and texture of perennial green plants - trees.
It was this landscape and plantings that led to the creation of an architectural composition consisting of buildings of three different tones and heights, similar to groups of trees.
This concept is further enhanced by the abundance of gardens, orangeries and greenery on each floor of the building.
The theme of the exterior of the building is also followed as a leitmotif by the interior of the building, where vertical wooden elements and natural textures prevail in the design.
Upon entering each floor, elevator hall or corridor, the green concept of the exterior is a constant companion and blends harmoniously with the interior through large stained glass windows.

Domus Chavchavadze