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Archi Kikvidze Garden A

Price range $1245 - $1300

The residential project "Archi with Kikvidze Bagh" is the first construction of an arch in Nadzaladevi district. The 24-storey building will combine 346 apartments and commercial space. The project is built with the highest quality facade or filling building materials. HPL panels are used for covering the residential building. The stability and solidity of the building is determined by the iron-concrete of the Heidelberg cement company. As for the filling material, Arch, as in all other projects, uses itong blocks in the construction of this residential building. Itong is a German company that produces energy-efficient building materials. Itong uses 40% less energy to heat or cool a building, significantly reducing utility costs. In the residential project "Archi Kikvidze Bagtan" 2 fire and 2 standard elevators are provided.