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York Town


York Town is a premium multifunctional residential complex that includes Villas, Townhouses and premium apartments. On the territory of the complex there are all the facilities that one might only need for a full life – these are sports and kid’s areas, shopping areas, health facilities, and even meditation zones. The main advantage of York Town is its closeness to nature and complete isolation from the noisy city. At an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas, breathe fresh air and find yourself in the heart of a green forest. All this, just a 20-minute drive from the very center of the city. The construction of the complex is planned by leading specialists, is carried out with the highest quality materials and has a very fast pace.

Status: Under construction, first phase to be completed at the end of June

Area: 1000-1500 m2

Location: Tabakhmela

Payment: Full payment includes a discount,
                        20% initial deposit with the bank, (exclusive conditions from TBS Bank)
                        0% internal installment for 24 months

York Town