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Archi Isani E Block

Price range $1350 - $1500

Archi Isani E is the fifth residential house of the Archi Isani project. This Isni complex is distinguished by a beautiful yard and a pleasant environment. The complex includes the construction of a kindergarten, school, hotel, commercial space and shopping center. Residents of Archi Isani E will not have to leave the area to receive the desired services. It is this multifunctional environment that makes this project attractive. The residential house of Archi Isani E is built with quality and durable materials. Alukabond's high-quality facade system gives the project a beautiful look and durability. The reinforced concrete material of Heidelberg determines the strength and stability of the building. Itong of German production is characterized by energy-efficient properties. It uses 40% less energy to heat or cool the building, reducing utility bills for residents.