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Archi Digomi 3

Price range $1065 - $1300

Arki Dighom 3 is one of the residential complexes with special visuals of Didi Dighom, which is distinguished by its aesthetic characteristics, high quality and the best location. The shopping center "Goodwill" is located next to it. The project envisages the arrangement of a 5-star lobby, and the arch concierge will serve the residents 24 hours a day. In the 25-storey project, along with residential apartments, commercial space is also planned. Archi Digomi 3 is planned according to the 41st Resolution developed by the Government of Georgia, which provides technical regulations on fire safety. As for construction materials, Arch Digomi 3 complex is being built with German-made Itong blocks. Through an energy-efficient unit, 40% less energy is used to heat and cool the building, which significantly reduces utility costs.